A stay-at-mom who has recently taken up photography. Learning as I go and loving it!

Randy and Ondrea

I recently had the opportunity to shoot my first “real” photo session. I took engagement photos of an adorable couple, Randy and Ondrea. If fact, Ondrea is the one who encouraged me to take my photography to the next step…capturing photos of PEOPLE! So thankful for people like her and many others (you know who […]


April Showers

It is Spring in Michigan.  Technically speaking. Although everything is gray, brown and dead right now.   Anytime now….there will be small signs of life.   Daffodils and tulips will wake up from their long winter’s rest.  The trees will be budding and greening up. Although the winters are long and harsh, I look forward […]


Poker Face?

My Dog, Cosmo, has a great personality, but tends to get into mischief when he’s bored, which apparently is quite often.  It is very obvious when he has done something bad.   The look on his face will tell me everything. This look (I imagine) says: “Chewed up the box of Kleenex??  Me?? Yeah, I’m […]


Appreciating Winter

  It was 20 degrees this morning. Winter can be so long and depressing here in Michigan.  At least it is for me.    To make matters worse, I had just returned home from sunny Florida and I was pouting about having to deal with a couple more months of this gray, frigid season.  As I […]