Foltz Wedding

This was very special wedding for me.  Lynette is a fellow photographer and a great friend!  I was her matron of honor and also one of the 3 photographers.  I obviously couldn’t take photos during the ceremony, but I was able to capture the lovely bride getting ready, the bride and groom after the ceremony, and the reception.  What made this wedding even more great was the added snow!  The date was in November and we got more snow then we have had all winter.  It was so beautiful!  I was so excited because at the end of the evening we went outside and snapped a few of the bride and groom in the snow.  It was cold and windy, but Lynette and Jason were troopers.  We were calling it a night and as we were walking back I said we needed to do ONE more!  I had envisioned a photo opportunity.  There were these trees with golden leaves still on them.  They were covered with heavy snow and I KNEW it would make a great photo.  I was so beyond happy with the result!  It. was. perfect.  I literally did a happy dance when I saw it on the back of my camera!   It was such a fun day filled with love, laughter, snow and more snow!  2016-01-12_00012016-01-12_00022016-01-12_00032016-01-13_00032016-01-12_00042016-01-12_00052016-01-12_00062016-01-12_00072016-01-12_00082016-01-12_00092016-01-12_00102016-01-12_00112016-01-12_00132016-01-13_00012016-01-13_00022016-01-13_00032016-01-13_00042016-01-13_00052016-01-13_00062016-01-13_00082016-01-13_00092016-01-13_00102016-01-13_00112016-01-13_00122016-01-13_00142016-01-13_00152016-01-13_00162016-01-13_00172016-01-13_00192016-01-13_00182016-01-13_00202016-01-13_00212016-01-13_00222016-01-13_00022016-01-13_00262016-01-13_00272016-01-13_00282016-01-13_00292016-01-13_00372016-01-13_00132016-01-13_00302016-01-13_00312016-01-13_00052016-01-13_00392016-01-13_00332016-01-13_00062016-01-13_00072016-01-13_00082016-01-13_00092016-01-13_00102016-01-13_00112016-01-13_00122016-01-13_00362016-01-13_00342016-01-13_0035

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