Baby Kadina’s Birth Story

I had the honor of capturing the birth of sweet Kadina.  This was my first experience with this type of photography.  Andrea was amazing.   She had an extremely quick delivery and did it without any pain meds.  John and Andrea didn’t find out the gender of the baby until the birth.  They were so convinced they were going to have a boy.  They already had two sons and they just had a feeling this one would make #3 for them.   When the baby was born, Andrea was to announce the sex.   Her reaction was priceless!  She was in such shock that they had their first daughter!  It was so awesome to see them both look on her with such love and astonishment!  “We have a daughter…we have a daughter!” they kept saying.  It was all such a beautiful experience.  I was so grateful to be able to be a part of it and document this part of their story.

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