Maisie, Class of 2016

I have known this beauty for quite a few years now.  She is just like part of the family.  She is energetic, positive, hardworking, hilarious and has the biggest heart!  And can we talk about how gorgeous she is??  I can’t believe she is a senior.  I’m feeling old.

2015-10-29_0075 2015-10-29_0076 2015-10-29_0078 2015-10-29_0079 2015-10-29_0080 2015-10-29_0081 2015-10-29_0082 2015-10-29_0083 2015-10-29_0084 2015-10-29_0085 2015-10-29_0086 2015-10-29_0087 2015-10-29_0088

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