Tara, Class of 2016

Tara is a senior at Charlotte High School. She is a beautiful and confident girl!  We went to her school and shot some photos with her color guard flags and then went to Old Town Lansing for the rest of her session.  It was fun getting to know her better!

2015-10-29_0089 2015-10-29_0090 2015-10-29_0091 2015-10-29_0092 2015-10-29_0093 2015-10-29_0094 2015-10-29_0095 2015-10-29_0096 2015-10-29_0097 2015-10-29_0098 2015-10-29_0099 2015-10-29_0101 2015-10-29_0102

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