Jason and Kim

I was so beyond thrilled when Jason and Kim asked me to capture their wedding day!  They have a special place in my heart for sure!  I must say this wedding party knew how to have fun.  And why not?  It was definitely a day of fun, laughter, family, and most of all true love.   I was so impressed with how Jason and Kim committed their marriage to God.  They made sure that was the theme of the day with their prayer together beforehand, the candle lighting during the ceremony and the foot washing symbolizing how they would be there to serve each other.

I wish them the best!  So happy for these two!
2015-10-29_0023 2015-10-29_0024 2015-10-29_0025 2015-10-29_0026 2015-10-29_0027 2015-10-29_0029 2015-10-29_00282015-10-29_0030 2015-10-29_00312015-10-29_00302015-10-29_00522015-10-29_00322015-10-29_00352015-10-29_00362015-10-29_00372015-10-29_00382015-10-29_00392015-10-29_00402015-10-29_00432015-10-29_00502015-10-29_00512015-10-29_00422015-10-29_00412015-10-29_00442015-10-29_00452015-10-29_00462015-10-29_0020

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