Ariel- Class of 2016

Aside from being gorgeous, Ariel is super creative and artistic.  She chose the MSU gardens and the art museum for her session.  I loved that I was able to capture both the softer, feminine side and then the edgy, artsy side of her with these locations.  She also had the idea of shooting sunset photos atop an East Lansing parking ramp, but we were concerned about the clouds.  Just before the sun was setting, the clouds cleared and we were able to get the most gorgeous shots!  Yay!  (I think I did a happy dance!)  All in all, a very fun evening!

IMG_3125IMG_3142IMG_3132-2 IMG_3104 IMG_3119-2 IMG_3150 IMG_3169 IMG_3182 IMG_3208-2 IMG_3197 IMG_3202 IMG_3232 IMG_3234IMG_3237 IMG_3249 IMG_3259  IMG_3337 IMG_3325 IMG_3313 IMG_3297

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