Graydon’s Adoption

It was an honor for me to witness the adoption of the most adorable little man!   Talk about emotional!  Whew!  I had a hard time keeping it together.  There was so much love and support for this family.  Such a beautiful adoption story!
IMG_1068-2 IMG_1073-2 IMG_1079-2 IMG_1080-2 IMG_1085-2 IMG_1089-2 IMG_1095-2 IMG_1105-2 IMG_1117-2 IMG_1119-2 IMG_1123-2 IMG_1124-2 IMG_1129-2 IMG_1133-2 IMG_1140-2 IMG_1144-2 IMG_1148-2 IMG_1153-2 IMG_1159-2 IMG_1163-2 IMG_1202-2 IMG_1207-2 IMG_1208-2 IMG_1214-2 IMG_1216-2 IMG_1222-2 IMG_1227-2 IMG_1232-2 IMG_1233-2 IMG_1244-2 IMG_1248-2

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