Mom Gusey’s cancer journey

Here are some moments captured the last 2 weeks of her life.  We spent one week at the hospital and one week at the hospice facility.  We had some special moments in the midst of this trial. In the end, we all leaned on God and each other for strength.  She was a very loved mom, grandma, sister and friend.

20140902_150036-2 20140907_18040120140906_13440820140906_134356IMG_20140907_174118-2IMG_20140907_190448-2IMG_20140912_232100-2IMG_20140909_121117492_HDR (1)IMG_20140909_121813 (1)20140910_154628-2 IMG_2631-2 IMG_2633-2 IMG_2639-2 IMG_2641-2 IMG_2647-2 IMG_2650-2 IMG_2668-2 IMG_2670-2 IMG_2677-2 IMG_2680-2 IMG_2685-2 IMG_2687-2 IMG_2694-2 IMG_2696-2 IMG_2699-2 IMG_2700-2 IMG_2701-2 IMG_2706-2 IMG_2708-2 IMG_2709-2 IMG_2715-2 IMG_2742-2 IMG_2748-2 IMG_20140910_152044798 (1) IMG_20140910_153426468IMG_2645-2

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