Cameron, Bryce, Dakota’s Easter session

These three kids missed out on my Easter mini sessions, so they made a trip out my way to have some photos taken with the duckings.    The sun was so harsh that day, which we usually welcome in Michigan, but not during a photo shoot.  Ugh!  We made the best of it and overall got some great shots!    These kiddos were some of the sweetest, most polite kids I have ever met.   I have a feeling the two boys will be protectors of their little sister!

IMG_8111 IMG_8120 IMG_8131 IMG_8138 IMG_8144 IMG_8148 IMG_8150 IMG_8157 IMG_8159 IMG_8166 IMG_8172 IMG_8175 IMG_8179 IMG_8190 IMG_8197 IMG_8201 IMG_8215 IMG_8220 IMG_8230 IMG_8233 IMG_8244 IMG_8248 IMG_8252

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